Leadership for Diversity Initiative

In 2007 the Provost and the Vice President for Student Affairs agreed to support a campus-wide Leadership for Diversity Initiative.  The effort has been led by Gail Wells, Director of Student Life, and Kevin Railey, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School, and it has re-invigorated Buffalo State's relationship with the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI).

The National Coalition Building Institute

The Buffalo State NCBI Coalition Building Team is a campus affiliate of the National Coalition Building Institute, Inc. (NCBI).  NCBI is an international non-profit leadership development network dedicated to the elimination of racism and other forms of oppression.

Rooted in an understanding of individual, community, and systemic change, NCBI leaders work with public and private organizations to further:

  • Cultural competence.
  • Collaboration and partnerships.
  • Effective relationships within and across group identities.


Mission and Goals

The CBT is committed to supporting the mission of BSC by purposefully providing resources that fulfill the strategic goals and initiatives of the institution, leading us towards national recognition and prominence in the development of communities of inclusion.

The team's goals include:

  1. Creating a climate of accountability through self-reflection.
  2. Developing leadership that does not perpetuate oppression.
  3. Ending racism and oppression in all forms to promote global citizenship.

Benefits of being a member of the Buffalo State NCBI Coalition Building Team include:

  • Having a place to have dialogue about difficult issues (e.g. racism, sexism, etc.)
  • Developing increased communication skills
  • Learning specific listening skills
  • Developing an enhanced ability to be more effective in one's job
  • Learning about self
  • Breaking a pattern of isolation by finding a safe place to have a voice
  • Being in relationships with people who seek to create an inclusive environment
  • Expanding one's capacity to have an impact on campus and beyond
  • Attaining a sense of belonging by identifying and having allies
  • Developing a capacity for one's own agency
  • Developing resource for interrupting oppressive behavior
  • Developing an enhanced ability to build an inclusive environment
  • Becoming part of a team committed to action
  • Access to NCBI skills and opportunities to practice and lead others
  • Increased understanding of identity and its relationship to one's professional role

Professional Development

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Buffalo, NY 14222  •  Phone: (716) 878-3841 •  Fax: (716) 878-3845